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"We are proud to offer a uniquely competent seismic processing solution that will ultimately make mining safer and more productive."
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Rocksigma Announces General Availability of its Seismic Processing Software BEMIS

Luleå, Sweden – RockSigma, a provider of seismic processing software announced today the General Availability of its foundational product, BEMIS™. Built by a team of world-class software experts together with award winning innovators of seismic processing algorithms, BEMIS offers a major breakthrough for seismically challenged mining environments.

“Today marks a significant milestone for RockSigma as we release BEMIS to the market,” said Emil Svanberg, CEO of Rocksigma. “We are proud to offer a uniquely competent seismic processing solution that will ultimately make mining safer and more productive.”

As a consequence of deeper underground mining, investments in solutions to monitor, and analyze seismic activity are increasing. Mines operate under seismic activity and must invest to manage seismic risk and hazard. BEMIS, built on cutting-edge algorithms, provides its users with reliable, accurate and feature-rich seismic data, contributing to safer operations with minimized disruptions.

“BEMIS will excite and impress the underground mining community, which has been underserved for some time,” said Svanberg. World-leading algorithms in a modern, highly flexible and scalable software package adds value to current ways of working, and unleashes the power of data-driven innovation to come up with new ones.

The methods and algorithms have been perfected by the founders during more than ten years of research. “Now that we have hardened the implementation and tuned it to the needs of large scale mining, we can confidently announce the availability of BEMIS”, said Jesper Martinsson, co-founder and CTO of RockSigma.

BEMIS supports day-to-day needs with a real-time monitoring tool and advanced analytics with an extension to the popular mXrap1 software package. “Providing an mXrap interface is key, it means we smoothly integrate into existing workflows”, said Martinsson.

Looking ahead, BEMIS will enable and fully support mines in their ongoing digital transformation where data from multiple systems are fused together, creating entirely new applications. Martinsson adds, “This is just the beginning. With BEMIS, we are opening the door to a new era of innovation.”

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About RockSigma
RockSigma is a seismic processing specialist based in Luleå, Sweden. The company develops software solutions for seismic processing.

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