Safer and more productive underground mining

Understanding the rock-mass response to mining is critical for deep underground mining.  Our solution provides market leading seismic data quality that ground control and geotech teams can be confident in.  

Why RockSigma

A new era of Seismic Processing

Uniquely accurate and precise seismic event location and classification lays the foundation for robust, easy to use tools that create value for mine operators. A new era of seismic processing, where quality seismic data enables deeper mining.  

Solutions for the future based on our strong research background

“We are obsessed with making the best algorithms for processing seismic events. Working with volumes of data, our self-learning models improve over time and auto-calibrate with mining induced changes in the rock mass.”

RockSigma in 90 seconds

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Explainer video, introducing our seismic processing system, BEMIS™