Why RockSigma

The future of seismic processing

We bring a new generation of methods, packaged in modern day software, delivering unparalleled quality results in a cost-effective and scalable way never seen in seismic processing before.

Why RockSigma

Seismic activity is part of daily life in underground mines. Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineers monitor and interpret seismic events as part of operations and production planning processes. In addition to safety, which is the obvious top priority, minimizing production down-time and advising production planning are important goals of these processes.

With self-calibrating, comprehensive, accurate and real-time processing by BEMIS, engineers and seismologists can focus more of their time on high-value tasks, being proactive rather than constantly following up and double checking processing results.

Deep underground mining

The importance of seismic processing, monitoring and analysis increases with mining depth. Going deeper and extending seismic systems to cover new mining levels make processing more challenging, as it has to keep up with exponential growth in raw data. 

BEMIS is a scalable solution, proven in the worlds largest seismic system, that flexibly grows to meet the challenges of deeper mines. 

RockSigma benefits

The RockSigma solution, based on the BEMIS System, offers a range of benefits over competing solutions:

  • Fully automated workflow, scalable to activity levels of any mine. No manual intervention required.

  • Reliable results provided in real-time, radically reducing dangerous and costly waiting periods.

  • Unparallelled event location accuracy, boosting confidence in decision making.

  • Tomographic imaging, elevating understanding of the rock mass.

  • Predictions of future activity levels, enabling seismicity-aware production planning.

  • Self-calibrating, no need to do expensive reference blasts and manual calibration.

  • Supports multiple sensor and measurement systems, eliminating vendor lock-in.

  • Open interfaces, supporting multiple applications, each tailored for the specific process it supports.

RockSigma gets the best quality interpretations of seismic events, to those that need it, when they need it.

How it all started?