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BEMIS seismic processing

BEMIS is a suite of software products for monitoring, analyzing and predicting seismic activity in underground mines. It is based on a cutting edge, real-time, seismic processing engine, delivering uniquely feature-rich event characterisation and location accuracy.

We provide BEMIS products and seismic processing expert services for mine operators. 

Key benefits

Our novel approach to seismic processing is embedded from the ground up in BEMIS. User experience and data quality are key BEMIS design criteria, ensuring that stakeholders in the mine get useful, actionable results out of the inherently complex context which is seismic processing.

Key benefits include:

  • Self-calibrating model
    Uses AI/ML to build and maintain an optimal mine model (velocity and more), eliminating the need for costly system calibration.
  • Robust real-time auto-processing
    Users can reduce the need for manual processing by relying on our high quality seismic event information, always with quality metrics available.  
  • Automatic event classification 
    Maintain high confidence in seismic data with our automatic classification of events into relevant categories.

BEMIS products

BEMIS Quake Monitor

BEMIS Quake Monitor is a real-time seismic monitoring tool, designed for use with BEMIS Compute Engine. It runs in a web browser and is suitable for individual desktop and control room use, running on laptops or workstations.
Read more on BEMIS Quake Monitor (PDF)

BEMIS Compute Engine

BEMIS Compute Engine provides seismic processing. It accurately, reliably and consistently turns observed seismic activity into feature-rich seismic events, foundational to advanced analytics and forecasting.
Read more on BEMIS Compute Engine (PDF)

BEMIS mXrap Extension

BEMIS mXrap Extension enables full BEMIS functionality in mXrap. With BEMIS mXrap Extension, mXrap users get an all-in-one system for their seismic analysis needs. Based on the BEMIS data model and interfaces, users will experience significant performance improvements.
Read more on BEMIS mXrap Extension (PDF)

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