What we do

We provide a fast, accurate and precise system for seismic processing

We revolutionize the field of seismic processing by providing a sensor neutral, open data platform with fast, accurate and precise seismic processing.

Validated performance

BEMIS Compute Engine, our foundatioal seismic processing product, is based on more than 10 years of research done in close collaboration with the Rock Mechanics Engineering team at LKAB. Built on state of the art mathematical models and AI, BEMIS is by far the fastest, most accurate and reliable automatic processing solution on the market.

In addition to BEMIS, we provide easy to use end-user applications making seismic event analyses insights to those that need them, when and where they need them.

Our leading expertise in seismic processing is combined with world class software engineering, making our high-end solutions uniquely robust, scalable, flexible, and ready for more sophisticated digitalization in mining.

Seismic data - a platform for innovation

Digitalization in the mining environment enables a world of value adding solutions. With open interfaces and a modern data arthicetcure, BEMIS enables high quality seismic data to be used for data fusion and innovative applications.  

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